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Welcome to Coderkick

Coderkick is a non-profit software-developing organization with the goal of helping new developers and of giving to children tools to start their adventure in the programming world.

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Everyone deserves equal access to technology, and a disability/disturb shouldn't get in the way of achieving so.

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Users First

We work a lot on minimizing the risk of getting this website blocked for any possible reason. This is done to avoid the risk of getting this website blocked.

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The Coderkick experience must reach perfection. It's the hardest part, it's achieved in months or even years' time, but it is possible.

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Most Coderkick products are made to be highly customizable, both in the technical and aestethic ways.

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We will do our best to keep the experience actually enjoyable.

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Coderkick is going to be available in as many languages as we can find translators for. Apply here to translate our website in another language or fix some imperfections in an already-present one.

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...and free

We lose money every month to ensure Coderkick is free for everyone, and the amount of losses will only increase as we get more users. If you can, you might donate to help us manage these costs.