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We are Coderkick

Below you can find our ideology and socials.

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Tech Ideology

Online is Not (always) Better

Hear me out, Internet is one of the best technologies ever invented. But, it is often used even where it is not needed; we think that every program that can be fully offline, should be offline (or partly-offline; data collection from the Internet is often needed).

Computers against Phones

Computers are still the best devices to code on due to the combination of Operating Systems and bigger displays. Tablets are also pretty good. Phones are not ready to be used for programming purposes yet.

Security and Privacy


We use two SSL certificates. DNS is managed by Cloudflare.

Privacy Policy

We decided to host it in a dedicated page here. Enjoy!


We have no way to guarantee 24-hour support. If you need quick support, the Coderkick Hub, while still being based on volunteers, is probably a better option than the email [email protected].


The Coderkick staff will never express opinions on any argument of social, religious or politic nature in the website and in its social media descriptions, posts, names, comments and icons. This is to avoid governments, schools, or families from blocking our website for any political, religious or social reason.


The Coderkick staff vows to: